<center>Adriane Abraham</center>

Adriane Abraham

Head “Tune Up” Trainer / CEO

Throughout Adriane Abraham’s entire life, athleticism has been a huge part of her story. Her passion to help people see their true potential is what keeps her moving forward in her career. Adriane has had the pleasure to work in a variety of different fitness facilities and all of her experience, education and knowledge has helped guide her to partner up with Kaisa Kerwin to open The Fit Shop NMB. Adriane has discovered that transformation is not possible unless you are able to truly connect within first, and that is the main reason they were inspired to incorporate a lifestyle program as a part of their facility.
Adriane has had the opportunity to challenge herself through several competitions in her life and fortunately she was forced to walk away due to a serious injury; in hindsight, it was one of the best things that could have happened to her. After her injury she learned that sometimes stopping and listening to your body and tuning in with what your heart is telling you is the best thing you can do for yourself. Adriane wanted to be a champion and what she was failing to realize was that she already was.
Adriane Abraham’s mission is to help people find their champion within and to provide a fitness studio that encourages, motivates and is a loving support for all members. Adriane’s main interest is to help create a ripple effect in this world and to help change the health of one member at a time.
Bachelors Degree Communications
AFAA Personal Trainer Certified
CrossFit Level 1
USAW Sports Performance Coach Certified
Licensed Massage Therapist
Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
TRX Certified
CPR/First Aid Certified

<center>Kaisa Kerwin</center>

Kaisa Kerwin

Kaisa Kerwin Head “The Burnout” Trainer/CEO

Kaisa Kerwin, a 4th degree Black Belt, and a certified personal trainer has been practicing Martial Arts since the age of 4. She achieved her Black Belt at the age of 8, and won gold at the Junior Olympics by age 12. She opened Kaisa’s Kickboxing in 2009 and has grown her business ever since. Kaisa recently joined forces with Adriane Abraham to start The Fit Shop NMB. Together they will bring an amazing exercise and lifestyle program to NMB. In recognition of their excellent training and leadership lululemon athletica Aventura Mall made Kaisa and Adriane their newest Ambassadors.
AFAA Personal Trainer Certified
4th Degree Black Belt
CPR/ First Aid

<center>Ali Karakanas</center>

Ali Karakanas

AFAA Personal Trainer

Ali has been through many personal struggles throughout her life and found an inner strength and solution in fitness. Not only in physical fitness but also in mental and spiritual fitness. She has found a passion in pushing people past their mental barrier through group fitness and personal training.